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About live session

Virtual coworking sessions for creatives to help maintain and/or refocus on deep creative work while prioritizing one project at a time. Each session is 45 minutes and you can join on a monthly recurring basis or drop in. 


What you'll learn

This is a working session. Bring your creative project that you've been working on. You're prioritizing your creative health by working on something from start to finish. 

  • These sessions are for creatives who have found it hard to get back into creating. 
  • Creatives who want to monotask 
  • Creatives who need community and solace while creating.

Included lessons

jaha Knight

jaha Knight

jaha Knight is the Branding Amazon. She helps entrepreneurs build and fund their brands. She has a strong background in developing signature products and services and is passionate about helping entrepreneurs create businesses that resonate with their target audience and stands out from their competitors. jaha is also highly experienced in finding and securing the right funding sources to help creative entrepreneurs launch and grow their brands. With her help, you will create a powerful brand and work towards securing the necessary funding to make your dreams become reality.