Turn Your Dreams into Revenue Streams with Creativity


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Turn Your Dreams into Revenue Streams with Creativity

About Course

This course is $147 for 12 months or you can make a one time payment on the link on the site. This is a 12 month program in which you will develop a comprehensive brand strategy for your business. You will learn the following: 

  • Entrepreneur Mindset 
  •  Introduction to operations management 
  • Focus on creating a solid business plan and identifying your unique selling proposition. 
  • Leverage marketing channels to reach your target audience. 
  • Create a brand identity (logo, tagline, color scheme, etc.) that aligns with the strategy 
  • Develop a brand message and tone of voice that resonates with the target audience 
  • Design and implement brand guidelines that ensure consistency across all operations 
  • Conduct a market research and analysis to identify opportunities for brand differentiation and growth 
  • Product & Service development 
  • Pricing strategies
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Process analysis and improvement
  • Quality control and improvement 
  • Introduction to leadership and management 
  • Organizational behavior 
  • Human resource management 
  • Team building and communication 
  • Selling, Sales Cycle & Sales Conversations
  • Brand systems

Course content

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jaha Knight

jaha Knight

Branding Amazon

Course Instructor

jaha Knight is the Branding Amazon. She helps entrepreneurs build and fund their brands. She has a strong background in developing signature products and services and is passionate about helping entrepreneurs create businesses that resonate with their target audience and stands out from their competitors. jaha is also highly experienced in finding and securing the right funding sources to help creative entrepreneurs launch and grow their brands. With her help, you will create a powerful brand and work towards securing the necessary funding to make your dreams become reality.