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Starting a business can be daunting, especially when lacking experience and knowledge. It is important to remember, however that every successful entrepreneur started somewhere. You have already taken the first step in pursuing your dreams by starting your own business. Now it's time to learn and grow as a business owner.

Highly experienced instructors

Highly experienced instructor

jaha Knight has over 20 years in the entrepreneur space and is a  Certified K-12 Instructor. 

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Moonlight Cre@tive sessions

Ever have a million creative ideas but you are challenged with sitting down to make them all happen? Well enter Moonlight Cre@tive Sessions. Schedule your time to be creative and join a group of other creatives who are focused on their craft. 

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Businesses that are open to experimentation are more likely to take risks and try new things, which can lead to innovative and creative ideas. This can involve testing new branding strategies, exploring new mediums for advertising, or trying out new messaging techniques. We support those ideas.

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Learn key business skills such as branding, budgeting, marketing, and project management, which are essential for running a profitable business.


Set aside the time to get your creative projects done. Moonlight Creatives are virtual coworking sessions designed to hone in on deep work by offering space for monotasking creativity. 

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We had the great pleasure of working with jaha and her team. jaha is brilliant! Both she and her team were able to take our ideas and transform them into a comprehensive branding strategy that we are proud of. Their attention to detail and dedication to their craft was evident in the results and we couldn't be happier!

-Kim Williams

The Best of Our Programs Are Ongoing

By consistently investing in your own personal and professional development, you will not only acquire new skills and knowledge, but you will also become a more confident and effective business leader, which can help you make better decisions and achieve long-term success.

Turn Your Dreams into Revenue Streams with Creativity

$ 197 $ 97


This is 12 month course where you will learn to build a business using a comprehensive brand strategy.

Lunarcy Monthly 
Book Club

$ 29 $ 19


Joining Lunarcy Book Club is a valuable investment in your personal development as an entrepreneur.

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